Attachable to fixed tripod sockets

The lens foot can replace the original lens’s supplied foot, making it possible to directly attach the lens to the Arca Swiss platforms and screw knob clamps. As it incorporates two different size screw holes (1/4 and 3/8), it can also be attached to tripod sockets other than Arca Swiss.

Improved usability

Having a longer rail length allows adjustment to ensure the weight balance is always correct, even when the center of gravity changes by zooming or attaching a tele converter or battery pack. It also allows a lens hood to be attached in the reverse direction and it can fit in the lens case while attached. In order to prevent the Arca Swiss clamp from falling off, Safety Stopper Screws are supplied. In addition, there is a larger gap between this product and the lens, compared to the supplied tripod socket and the lens, making it a more usable carry handle.