General Questions

Q: I would like to purchase a new camera of another brand, is it possible to change the mount of my previous Sigma lenses?

A: Sigma produces lenses with exclusive fixed mount systems; therefore it is not possible to change the mount of a majority of Sigma lenses. However with the new Mount Conversion Service, any of the Global Vision Lenses can be converted to a different mount system.  More details can be found in the Mount Conversion Service information tab in the Support section.


Q: Can I buy directly from Sigma UK?

A: Sigma Imaging (UK) Ltd is the importer and distributor for Sigma photographic equipment, therefore we are unable to sell directly to the end-user. We do however have a detailed list of our stockists which can be found here.


Q: I have just purchased one of your DC lenses but I am getting a black line around the edge of my pictures. Is the lens faulty?

A: Sigma's DC lenses are designed to work on digital SLR cameras with an image sensor which is smaller than 35mm film (known as APS-C size). If you use one of these lenses on a film or full frame digital SLR, you will get a line (called vignetting) around the edge of the picture. Please use a lens from our DG range as these will be suitable.


Q: Can you send me a printed lens brochure?

A: Yes, just phone or email us and we will post you a printed brochure. Alternatively, click here to download a PDF version.


Q: Where are Sigma lenses made?

A: All Sigma products, lenses, cameras and flash units are manufactured exclusively by Sigma in Sigma’s own factory in Aizu, Japan. No Sigma Corporation product - lens, camera or flash - is manufactured outside of Japan. This is very unusual these days, as most companies have at least some of their products produced outside of Japan because of cost considerations.


Q: I would like to use a filter on my 15mm fisheye lens but I can only use a gelatine filter, why is this and where can I buy them?

A: Due to the ultra wide angle shooting capabilities of lenses such as the 15mm, front filter use simply is not possible. It would damage the front element of the lens and cause heavy vignetting on the images. Gelatine filters are available from the following website: http://www.galvoptics.fsnet.co.uk.