Compatibility chart

*1 Requires frmware update to version 1.01 or later.
*2 Requires frmware update to version 1.02 or later.
*3 Requires frmware update to version 1.03 or later.
*4 In cameras with F8-compatible autofocus, SIGMA TELECONVERTER can be used with AF, but blurry images may result of subjects of low contrast or luminance.

For compatibility with older lenses, please click here.

Compatibility of the SIGMA teleconverter TC-1401 and TC-2001

Dedicated tele converters for use with only those SIGMA GLOBAL VISION lenses listed in the above chart and cannot be used with any other lenses.

Cannot be attached to a camera and lens whose mount is different.

Cannot be used in combination with another SIGMA TELE CONVERTER or other manufacturer’s converter. Only one tele converter can be used at one time.


Please attach the TELE CONVERTER to the master lens first then attach the combined TELE CONVERTER and lens to the camera body. Attaching to SIGMA TELE CONVERTER to the camera body first may cause a malfunction and accurate operation is not guaranteed.


Using the SIGMA TELE CONVERTER decreases the effective aperture by one F-stop
(with 1.4x Tele Converter) or by two F-stops (with 2x Tele Converter). Although the exposure becomes lower, the operation is optimized.


If using a lens which has in the list, the camera’s display will indicate the converted exposure information.


Auto focus can be used for the lens with AF mark in the chart.


For those with MF mark, only manual focus can be used.


Although the lens has MF mark in the chart, some lens can be used with auto focus but accurate operation is not guaranteed. Also, it may cause damage to the lens. Therefore, please use such lenses in MF mode when TELE CONVERTER is attached.