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Introducing the SIGMA Camera Interchangeable Lens Cameras FP L and FP – two exceptional additions to the world of photography and videography. With a legacy of innovation, Sigma continues to redefine creative possibilities with these cutting-edge devices.

The FP L and FP cameras embody SIGMA commitment to excellence, offering photographers and filmmakers a remarkable range of features. From their compact and lightweight design to their high-resolution sensors, these cameras empower users to capture the world in extraordinary detail. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic beginner, the intuitive controls and advanced technology of the FP L and FP cameras ensure that your creative vision is realized with every shot. Experience the fusion of portability, performance, and precision, as these cameras elevate your visual storytelling to new heights.

Sigma Camaer


Uncover amazing detail and vibrant colours, while experiencing unique video features and the flexible L-Mount system, all in a compact, adaptable design.


Discover SIGMA compact camera range with advanced features, showcasing three-layer Foveon sensor technology for exceptional image quality.


Optimize your camera's potential and make the most of bundled accessories, designed for excellence.

Find Accessories For Your Camera


fp + fp L

Accessories for the most compact-full frame mirrorless cameras across the world.


sd Quattro

Battery packs, handgrips, flashes, and additional options for sd Quattro cameras.


dp Quattro Series

Optical viewfinder, battery packs, filters, and further options for dp Quattro cameras.

SIGMA Where Picture Tells Stories

Discover a world where SIGMA transforms pictures into vivid narratives, preserving memories, invoking profound emotions and immortalizing the essence of every captured moment. Through our lenses, images become more than mere visuals, they become storytellers. With SIGMA, every click of the shutter unveils a new chapter, where images are the storytellers, and your experiences are the tales they convey.

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