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The Revolution of High-Resolution Cine Lenses in Digital Cinematography

Experience the epitome of professional-grade lenses with Sigma's High-Speed Cine collection. Unrivalled in speed and sharpness, these lenses feature a contemporary aesthetic and exquisite bokeh, complemented by enduring craftsmanship for decades of use. These high-end Cine Lenses match the performance of esteemed Art series lenses, offering affordability and astonishing quality. Combining exceptional glass, cinematic construction, and swift T-stops, the Sigma Cine series is swiftly becoming a favoured choice among DP’s defying expectations with its exceptional quality.

Shot on SIGMA Cine

Bridging the worlds of ultra-high megapixel digital photography and cinematography with unmatched performance.


A lineup crafted to fulfill every essential of professional filmmaking. while pushing the boundaries and opportunities within the realm of cinematography.

SIGMA Prime Lenses Series

SIGMA prime lens series range from 14mm to 135mm, delivers T1.5 or T2 brightness, competing as a high-end prime set with remarkable image quality and compact design, coupled with full-frame coverage.

Cine Bundles

Designed for 6K-8K filming, the full set of eleven lenses provide a unified shooting experience across scenes, eliminating the need for lighting modifications and enhancing cinematography's potential.

Create A Customized Kit

Build a lens kit based on your preferences and needs and get a quick quote for your chosen lenses.


Capture every angle and emotion effortlessly with the innovative High Speed Zoom line.

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