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Since its inception in 1961, SIGMA Corporation has been a major manufacturer of independent lenses and camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Pentax. Trusted by millions of photographers around the world, SIGMA lenses offer exceptional beauty, reliability and endless creative possibilities. The founder, Mr. Michihiro Yamaki, founder of the company's name, takes inspiration from the Greek letter "S" which stands for summation and mathematics. This logo perfectly reflects SIGMA mission, the combination of advanced technology, user expertise and experience. With an unwavering commitment from the first day, SIGMA Corporation has followed the limits of imaging technology, evident in every aspect, from design and production to marketing, sales and service.

About Sigma

Over the course of its existence, SIGMA has steadfastly committed to crafting the epitome of the photography journey. This exceptional compatibility spans across their extensive lens collection, precisely crafted to harmonize flawlessly with a diverse array of SLR cameras accessible in the market. SIGMA strives to exceed employee expectations through constant innovation. SIGMA remarkable accomplishments encompass pioneering the teleconverter that bridges the gap between lens and camera in 1961, introducing the world's inaugural wide-angle zoom lens in 1979, and innovating the super telephoto lens with a remarkable f/2.8 aperture.

Apart from their large lenses, SIGMA offering extends to DSLR cameras such as the SIGMA SD14, compact cameras such as the dp1, dp2 and dp3 with advanced sensors, as well as a range of lights and filters. Recent additions include SIGMA CINE lenses, designed for professional film production, reinforcing the brand's commitment to redefining and visual storytelling.

Sigma Production System

At the core of SIGMA success is our unique production process. Perfectly designed through collaboration, this series is the epitome of excellence and innovation. Without problems combining the collective expertise of our team, it enables the production of these unprecedented products. Our streamlined, advanced process makes manufacturing fast and accurate, testifying to our commitment to quality. In this dynamic environment, ideas grow, efficiency rules and uniqueness become the norm.


Engaging in continual knowledge exchange empowers us to sustain affirmative feedback, strengthening our capacity to conceive revolutionary products, enhance production efficiency, and boost employee effectiveness. SIGMA production system is a hallmark of precision and innovation. SIGMA delivers excellence through its diverse range of Lenses, Cine Lenses, and Cameras catering to various creative needs. These precision crafted tools embody innovation and quality in every shot.

From Concept to Completion: SIGMA Japan's Seamless Manufacturing Mastery

Located in Japan, at the centre of it all, the SIGMA headquarters showcase a unique ability to make things. They handle everything, starting from creating molds to crafting individual parts. It's like a well-coordinated performance of new ideas and careful work, all coming together to create amazing products. They seamlessly bring together design, engineering, and skilled craftsmanship, turning basic materials into incredible finished items. This process proves how dedicated we are to making things great. Through this careful process, our products end up being the perfect combination of skilled artistry and the latest technology.

From Lens to Legacy: SIGMA Social Responsibility Evolution

Embracing a profound sense of social responsibility, SIGMA exemplifies a commitment to positive impact. With a far-reaching awareness of its influence, the company consistently seeks ways to contribute to the well-being of communities and the environment. From sustainable sourcing practices to initiatives that empower local communities, SIGMA value extends beyond innovation and quality. This conscientious approach not only shapes their products but also echoes their dedication to a better, more sustainable world.

Revolutionizing Photography with Innovative Lens Concepts


Elevating Photographic Excellence through Lens Innovation

In the realm of photography, the key to capturing exceptional shots lies in the choice of the right lens. The secret to capturing extraordinary images resides in selecting the perfect lens. Embark on a journey to unravel the wonders of SIGMA revolutionary lens concepts, reshaping the landscape of outstanding photography. These ingenious ideas are paving the way for photographers to effortlessly attain their envisioned outcomes, with unparalleled accuracy and a touch of artistic flair.

By introducing inventive lens designs, SIGMA is on a mission to reshape the art of photography. These innovative ideas are designed to provide photographers of all skill levels with the means to effortlessly craft breathtaking visuals that distinguish themselves from the ordinary. Whether you're a budding enthusiast or a seasoned professional, these innovative lenses offer a gateway to unlocking your creative potential and achieving results that truly shine.

Every click of the shutter becomes a canvas for your imagination as these lenses redefine what's achievable. Witness the transformation of ordinary scenes into captivating stories, all made possible by the ingenuity of SIGMA lens innovation. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a new era of photographic excellence, where every shot is an opportunity to showcase your unique perspective and artistic vision.

Unveiling SIGMA Vision Through Three Distinct Lens Lines

Discover the exciting glimpse into SIGMA vision through the unveiling of their three distinct lines of lenses. This new approach revolutionizes photography by organizing lenses into three unique categories Art, Contemporary, and Sports, each encompassing a well-defined purpose.

Embark on a journey into the future of photography as we introduce this innovative concept. The Art line is tailored for those seeking to infuse their images with creativity and expression, providing lenses that capture the essence of artistic vision. The Contemporary line caters to versatility, offering lenses that adapt seamlessly to various photographic situations, ensuring high-quality results in any scenario. The Sports line is designed for action and precision, equipping photographers with lenses optimized to freeze fast-paced moments with impeccable clarity.

This visionary step simplifies the process of selecting the perfect lens, granting photographers the ability to unlock the full potential of their digital SLR systems. Whether you're an aspiring enthusiast or a seasoned professional, SIGMA new lens categorization empowers you to elevate your photography to unprecedented heights.


Empowering Photographers and Making Complexity Simple

In a market flooded with high-speed camera bodies boasting diverse specifications like sensor sizes and pixel counts, the advent of "mirrorless" cameras alongside traditional SLRs amplifies the array of choices available to photographers. Yet, the paradox emerges, while technology races forward, most lenses fall short of meeting photographer’s expectations for performance, functionality, and quality.

The interplay between photographer and photograph demands dynamism. A photo's excellence is closely connected to the lens used. Swapping lenses alters image quality, inevitably influencing photographer satisfaction and shaping their photographic approach.

SIGMA mission is unwavering in its commitment to satisfy the growing complexity of photographers' needs and to rekindle the joy of capturing moments. Day by day, we tirelessly enhance the realm of photography through meticulously crafted lenses that masterfully accomplish these aspirations.

Witness the transformation as SIGMA takes on the challenge of simplifying the intricate landscape of DSLR accessories. Discover our commitment to amplifying your photography experience, making it more enjoyable and fulfilling. Learn how SIGMA dedication to innovation is driving positive change for photographers of all skill levels.

Discover the Heart of SIGMA Commitment to Reshaping Photography

Even as a smaller contender, we hold a constant resolve to make a big difference. Join us on a voyage to witness the initial strides we are taking to completely change the landscape of photography. Our unyielding mission is to elevate creativity, excellence, and the overall experience for every photographer.

SIGMA determination burns brightly as we embark on a transformative journey in the world of photography. We may not be the largest, but our passion for innovation fuels our pursuit of significant impact. Step into our world and witness the beginnings of a photography revolution designed to enhance the way photographers create, perceive, and relish their art.

Our dedication to revolutionizing photography is what sets us apart. With skillful artistry and a strong dedication to quality, we're ready to introduce a fresh era of captivating visual storytelling. We're here to give photographers of every skill level the means to push boundaries, question the usual, and seize moments in ways they've never done before. Join us as we pioneer change, celebrating the art of photography in its purest, most innovative form.




Dedication To Exceptional Quality

SIGMA lens philosophy is a strong promise to achieve the best quality. In a time when digital pictures are everywhere, this promise becomes important. Since pictures are seen all the time on screens, having lenses that work perfectly is really needed. SIGMA makes lenses with great care, fixing any possible problems that could make pictures less clear. This hard work to make lenses perfect starts when they are being made, where they do everything to fix any mistakes. By following this way of thinking, SIGMA makes sure that all kinds of photographers, from beginners to experts, can take sharp, clear, and amazing pictures. This makes their artistic ideas come to life with wonderful results.

When Technology Elevates Artistic Vision

There's a compelling reason why SIGMA dedicates extensive attention to crafting products of the highest quality in the production process. Our enthusiasm for photography is unparalleled, with nothing quite comparing to it. We hold great admiration for photographers and their devotion to capturing moments, their desire for self-expression, and their aspiration to nurture their passion. The impulse to seize those extraordinary instants and transform them into exquisite works of art resonates deeply with us. Each day, this sentiment motivates us to discover improved methods for assisting individuals in conveying their artistic vision.



Living Up to the Expectations for Crafting Quality Lenses

Our commitment to outstanding lenses rests on three essential factors. These key components for achieving excellence encompass innovative design, precise manufacturing, and rigorous quality control. The latest series of SIGMA lenses truly shines in these aspects. Their design redefines the interaction between photographers, lenses, and the visual transformation of images. Originating from Japan, they are crafted through SIGMA advanced production system and latest technology. These lenses undergo precise testing using distinct SIGMA developed methods to assure their distinctive attributes. This comprehensive process ensures the highest level of artistic expression in each lens.

Product Quality
Product Quality 86%
Final Product
Product Quality 93%

Professional workmanship


Made in Japan

Every product crafted by SIGMA originates in Japan, encompassing both the minutest components and substantial structures. This sets us apart, as few companies adhere to this approach. We feel proud because we combine smart ideas and the latest technology. People worldwide, including experts and those who love photography, really like what we make. This is because our skilled team works hard and uses their expertise to make things great.

Divisions Setting High Lens Quality Standards

Enhancing the quality of SIGMA lenses, we have introduced an easy way to identify our products. This simplifies the process for users to locate the lens that meets their requirements. We have organized our lenses into three lines, each with a distinct purpose. Every new lens we create fits into one of these lines. This system is designed to help users easily discover the lenses they need.

New Lens Modification Feature

Built upon our fresh product lines, we have innovated a distinctive solution named SIGMA Optimization Pro. This tool empowers you to refresh your lens's software and make precise refinements, such as enhancing sharpness. For those with Sports lenses, focus settings can be tailored too. By linking your lens to a computer via a dedicated USB Dock, you can effortlessly personalize focus and other preferences using intuitive on-screen controls.




Categories that define better lens quality

Bringing SIGMA lenses to a new level of quality, it guarantees the user a simple product identification strategy. This facilitates the search for a satisfactory model. We grouped all our lenses into three product lines, each of which is characterized by a certain, clearly defined concept. Each new lens we develop belongs to one of these product lines. The aim of the new system is to make it easier for users to access the lenses they are looking for.

New lens adjustment options

Based on our latest product lines, we have developed a special application (SIGMA Optimization Pro) that allows you to update the built-in software of the lens and adjust selected parameters, e.g. sharpening. The focus limiter settings can also be adjusted on Sports lenses. Using the dedicated USB Dock, users can connect the lens to their PC and use easy-to-use on-screen functions to fine-tune focus and other parameters to suit their personal preferences.



Three product lines of SIGMA lenses

SIGMA has thoughtfully categorized all their lenses into three distinct groups. Within each group, lenses are clearly defined, and any newly developed lens will fall into one of these categories.

Our aim is to simplify, not complicate. These groups are intended to assist photographers in selecting the ideal lens by showcasing its unique attributes and optimal applications.

This system enhances our offerings significantly. The fresh categories streamline lens selection, while the enhanced lens quality breathes new life into photography. By neatly organizing products, photographers can swiftly locate their desired lens. Just choose the group that aligns with your photographic needs. These innovative SIGMA groups are poised to revolutionize your photographic journey, altering how you perceive and engage with photography.



Discover brilliance with the Art line's outstanding optics and artistic finesse. Designed for creators aiming for vibrant visuals with precise colour and contrast, these lenses go beyond expectations, making them perfect for photographers and filmmakers.



The Contemporary line fulfills big expectations. It mixes new technology, excellent optics, and a small size to make something great. It's perfect for people who want high quality in a simple design



The Sports line is your go-to for speedy action. With unmatched optical qualities, it excels at capturing fast-paced events. Whether it's sports or dynamic scenes, these lenses ensure you don't miss a moment of the excitement



Unlock your artistic potential with Sigma's Art line lenses. These lenses offer unmatched optical quality and expressive capabilities, allowing you to capture your creative vision with every shot. Designed to meet photographer's higher expectations, Art lenses prioritize artistic value over compactness. They are ideally suited for capturing landscapes, portraits, still life, and close-up shots with exceptional precision and quality, making them perfect for both casual snapshots and studio photography. Art lenses represent the ultimate choice for photographers who seek intense and creative expression.

Lens Categories:

Wide Angle Lenses, Large Aperture Lenses, Macro Lenses, Ultra Wide Angle Lenses, Fish Eye Lenses and more.


These lenses feature the latest techniques and boast a very compact and convenient design. Despite their compactness, these lenses don't compromise on quality. The Contemporary lenses from Sigma strike a balance between modern technology and a portable size, ensuring easy carrying. With Sigma's Contemporary line, you have lightweight, high-performance lenses that make capturing moments effortless while delivering exceptional results.

Lens Categories:

Standard Zoom Lenses, High Zoom Lenses, Telephoto Zoom Lenses and more.



Sports line is a range of long focal length lenses excel in capturing dynamic images with excellent optical quality and extended zoom capability. Tackling the common issue of colour distortion in long-distance and multi-part lenses has been a major goal. Created for swift activities, the Sports series boasts unmatched optical advantages. Its accuracy and ability to show motion vividly allow taking quick action shots even from a distance. Perfect for sports, outdoor scenes, and fast-moving object photography, these lenses provide options to personalize settings using the included software. They support photographers in challenging situations, ensuring outstanding outcomes in each photo.

Lens Categories:

Telephoto, Super Telephoto, Telephoto Zoom, Super Telephoto Zoom and more.

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