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Explore our FAQ for answers to common queries about SIGMA products and Hope Enterprises. Learn about authorized retailers, warranties, what sets SIGMA lenses apart, and the differences between cine and photo lenses. Discover compatibility with your camera, details on lens specifications, and SIGMA commitment to redefining photography standards. For more information or specific inquiries, reach out to us directly.

The SIGMA is a high-quality Japanese brand renowned for its exceptional optical performance and innovative technology. Expertly crafted with meticulous precision, these lenses showcase a mastery of perfection. They are engineered to elevate image quality and deliver outcomes that meet the highest professional standards.

Hope Enterprises is a reputable and exclusive distributor of Sigma products in Pakistan. Ch. Aurangzeb Aslam is the owner and CEO of the company, offering customers a top-tier option in the photography market. They provide an extensive selection of Sigma lenses designed to meet the demands of skilled photographers, videographers, and passionate enthusiasts.

To ensure that you are purchasing genuine Sigma products, look for the "Authorized Dealer" label or logo provided by Hope Enterprises. You can also verify the retailer's authenticity by checking the list of authorized dealers.

Yes, Hope Enterprises provides a one-year warranty for Sigma products purchased through their authorized retailers. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and ensures peace of mind for the customers.


Sigma lenses are renowned for their top-notch quality, delivering incredibly sharp images with vibrant colours and clarity. This makes them a favourite for professionals and dedicated enthusiasts. These lenses are created with precision and innovative technology, reducing distortion and ensuring exceptional image quality.

yes, the optical formulas of the cine lenses mirror those of the still photo lenses sharing the same focal length. This choice enables us to deliver the exceptional optical quality of Sigma's Global Vision still lenses while optimizing them for video production requirements.

Our cine lenses feature modernized mechanics for cinematography needs. Each lens is dust and splash-resistant with extended rotation angles for precise iris, focus, and zoom control.

Our cine lenses come in Arri PL mount, Canon EF mount, and Sony E-mount options, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of cine cameras available today.

The DC and DG labels indicate the intended image sensor format for the lens. DC lenses are tailored for digital cameras using APS-C size sensors. On the other hand, DG lenses are optimized for full-frame image sensors, while also being compatible with APS-C sensors. DN lenses are specifically crafted for mirrorless camera systems with shorter flange distances.

HSM is an abbreviation for Hyper Sonic Motor, which represents a particular form of autofocus motor. The advantages of an HSM motor encompass near-silent autofocus functioning and highly rapid autofocus reaction.

No, every camera system possesses its own distinct flash protocol and hot shoe, and a SIGMA flash will exclusively and effectively attach and operate on the intended camera system.

No, SIGMA flashes are made to cover the angle suitable for a standard 35mm film camera. This means the flash coverage will be wider than the captured image because of the camera's 1.7x focal length multiplier.

Yes, Sigma lenses cater to a wide range of users, from seasoned professionals seeking impeccable image quality to passionate enthusiasts looking for exceptional results.

Sigma's commitment to excellence sets new benchmarks in photography, with innovative technology and unparalleled quality that continually raise the bar for industry standards.

For any further inquiries regarding Sigma products contact us.

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